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Conference: Sept. 24-26, 2024
Exhibition: Sept. 25-26, 2024

Go Live! Theater

All attendees have access to a dedicated show floor theater offering free to attend, live content.

Go Live! Theater

The MRO Asia-Pacific Go Live! Theater features case studies, presentations and panels on key themes impacting the industry. Past themes have included sustainability, new tech and innovation, digitalisation and consolidation.

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Go Live! Theater Agenda

Wednesday, September 25th 2024


Hall opens


Panel Discussion: SAF and Beyond

With sustainability on everybody’s minds, what other initiatives in addition to SAF can we put in place to ensure that the aviation industry goes green? How are we implementing sustainable practices to reduce scope 3 emissions? 

  • Moderator: Andreas Hilz, Transport Partner Asia Pacific, Oliver Wyman
  • Mallika Ramakrishna, Director, Promotion Strategy. Embraer


Fireside Chat: Sustainability Compliance Challenges

As environmental awareness builds, what are the main compliance challenges that maintenance companies face, and how can we overcome them? 


Slot Reserved for IFS


Panel Discussion: The Power of AI 

What does the future of AI look like for the industry? In what ways can we see AI and ML developing, and how can we incorporate it into existing processes to improve operational reliability? What are some applications or use cases on the horizon where AI can play a role?

  • Moderator: Richard Brown, Managing Director, NAVEO Consultancy
  • Lee Hui Fung, SVP, ST Engineering
  • Adnan Mansur, Head of Digital and Innovation Services, ADE


Lunch Break


Slot Reserved for Aviation Week Network Data Presentation


Presentation: Sourcing New Technicians 

As MRO demand increases, so does our need for new skilled technicians. With growing potential in the Philippines and India, where in the Asia-Pacific region can we source this labor from in order to meet the demand? 

  • Bharat Malkani, Chairman and Managing Director, Max Aerospace Group


Panel Discussion: Training and Recruiting a New Workforce

With airlines expanding and building up their fleets rapidly, how can we tackle the issue of a skilled labour shortage in Asia? This panel will explore ways in which we can engage the younger generation to join the aviation industry, and where we can source this talent from in order to relieve pressure on maintenance companies.

  • Moderator: Fenella Jefferson, Head of Outreach, Women in Aviation
  • Amira Amirudin, Director of Training, APR-Aviation Training Centre
  • Glenn Ryan, CEO, Aviation Australia
  • Naveen Raja Kannamala, Strategy Head, GMR Aero Technik
  • Rachel Marie, Maintenance Training Instructor and Systems Designer, Boeing


Aviation Week Network Day 1 Wrap-Up

Join Aviation Week Network editors Lee Ann Shay and James Pozzi for their key thoughts and takeaways from the first day of MRO Asia-Pacific

  • Moderator: James Pozzi, Managing Editor, Aviation Week Network
  • Lee Ann Shay, Executive Editor MRO and Business Aviation, Aviation Week Network


Go Live! Theater closes


Hall Closes

Thursday, September 26th 2024


Hall opens


Digitalization Makes Aviation Efficient: An Expert Panel Discussion

The rapid digitalization of the aviation ecosystem is creating opportunities to increase efficiency, safety, and accountability. However, if such a transformation is done without safeguards and without standards, it could lead to problems related to data privacy, ownership, and intellectual property, not to mention cyber security and unapproved actions. In this panel, leading data experts from global aerospace companies will discuss the benefits and the costs of digitalization.

  • Moderator: Ravi Rajamani, PhD, President, Independent Data Consortium for Aviation
  • Jeff Smith, Head of Digital, Parker Aerospace
  • Mark Roboff, CEO, SkyThread


Presentation: Passenger to Freighter Conversions

This session will give an overview of the PTF market in the APAC region, and discuss where we see it going in the near future. Can we expect new aircrafts, such as the 777 to obtain STC’s? What would be the benefits of this?

  • Dr. Marc Szepan, GM, Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company (GAMECO)


Presentation: Airlines and the Leasing Market  

With rising costs and low availability in the leasing market, what can airlines to do deal with this, and when can they expect relief?   


Presentation: Ensuring Passenger Confidence 

A delay of OEM deliveries is leading to classic aircraft operating for longer and pressure on MROs. How can we ensure aircrafts are as safe as they possibly can be, and ensure passenger confidence in their safety?

  • Teo Chuan Hoe, Manager, Bain & Company


Presentation: New Aircraft Technology

How can we employ new technology to meet the changing maintenance requirements of new, more complex aircraft?

  • Trinh Quoc Cuong, Commercial Director, Vietstar Aero Engineering


Go Live! Theater closes


Hall closes