September 22-24, 2020
Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre

Meet the Buyers

Face-to-face meetings between buyers and suppliers


Meet the Buyers is a series of face-to-face meetings between buyers and suppliers.

Each exhibitor has 3 x 10 minute meetings included with their booth and are able to purchase up to a maximum of 6 additional meeting slots.

The Buyers are typically airline procurement / supply chain / logistics personnel and maintenance / planning managers, although some purchasing / technical representatives from maintenance providers, OEMs and Leasing companies take part as well.

How Does It Work?

Meet The Buyers takes place in a dedicated area in the exhibition hall on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

Each exhibitor has 3 x 10 minute meetings included with their booking, and are able to purchase up to a maximum of 6 additional meeting slots. 

To ensure everyone gains maximum value, we have created a matching service that compares the capabilities of the industry suppliers with the needs and requirements of the buyers. Our custom built, online booking system is used to manage all the meetings:

  • Each exhibitor is sent a unique login ID and given access to the system, they can review the list of buyers, see what products and services they are most interested in and carry out research on those potential buyers to see if their fleet/equipment is compatible with their own capabilities.
  • Approximately 2-3 weeks before the show, the system goes ‘live’ for everyone at the same time and you are able to book meetings with the airline & MRO buyers of your choice and everyone gets to book at the same time on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Meeting slots are released in waves, with 50% available to book immediately, 50% after approximately four days and then bonus slots released a few days before the show.
  • If a buyer cancels, you are sent an automatic message prompting you to log back in and re-use your released meeting slot.

Benefits for suppliers

  • Choose from airline/MRO buyers who are most suited to your products and services
  • Take part in 10 minute, face to face meetings with decision makers from purchasing/procurement representatives who are in high demand
  • Match making system means both you and buyer are interested in the same products and services

Become a Buyer

We work closely with airline buyers to ensure that their participation at MRO Asia-Pacific justifies time out of the office and maximizes their return. Our 'Meet the Buyers' platform allows airline buyers to meet new and existing suppliers to maximize their efficiencies in an environment perfectly suited for business.

Buyer Registration

Airline/MRO Buyer registration is now open. Contact [email protected] to apply.

As a buyer you agree to:

  • Become an official buyer at MRO Asia-Pacific, wearing your event badge at all times
  • Make yourself available 15 minutes before ‘Meet the Buyers’ begins and complete all pre-booked meetings on Wednesday, September 23, 2020
  • Complete the ‘Meet the Buyers’ buyer prep document by requested deadline. This includes:
    • Providing the organisers with fleet information
    • Providing the organisers with details on types of companies that you wish / do not wish to meet with, selected from a list of industry areas
    • Provide a valid phone number that can receive and make calls in Singapore and agree to carry this phone at all times during the event
  • Inform the organisers, in writing, if you need to cancel, no later than the September 09, 2020
  • Understand that if you cancel after September 09, 2020 or fail to inform the organisers, in writing, of your intention to cancel, that your details will be shared with the suppliers who have arranged meetings with me as part of the Meet the Buyers networking session.

In return you will receive:

  • Access to the exhibition and conference
  • Lunch on the exhibition days (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Access to the airline lounge
  • An opportunity to contribute to the future development of the Meet the Buyers programme and other Aviation Week Network events

For more information, please contact Arabella Martin-Nunn at [email protected] or or +44 (0) 207 017 7119

Or contact your sales person:


Clive Richardson
Director, Exhibit Sales
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0) 7501 185257

Alison Weller
Manager, Exhibit Sales
E: [email protected]
T: +44 7501 185255

Margaret Chong
Manager, Exhibit Sales
E: [email protected]
T: +65 9736 1722


Beth Eddy
Director, Event Sales
E: [email protected]
T: +1.561.279.4646
F: +1.561.279.4699

Mimi Smith
Manager, Event Sales
E: [email protected]
T: +1.561.279.4646
F: +1.561.279.4699


Michael Elmes
Director, Event Sales
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0)1206 321639

Darren Fearn
Manager, Event Sales
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